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Savior of the World 

Download PDF:    SavioroftheWorld

Word Doc: savior of the World

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“My name is Skip Tecke. I do a talk show that is heard on over 100
stations, but is based out of Ignoropolis on station JYRK 660 on
your AM dial. I have a real problem with Christianity and its message
of ‘just have faith’. I understand why its followers need to ask people
to just believe without questioning, because the some of the stuff
Christians believe goes far beyond the bounds of what is rationally
believable. I mean, think about it… a man who claims to be God, dies
and rises from the dead, a man who walks on water, and a virgin
birth. I guess if you grow up believing that stuff it may not sound
that strange, but to an outsider it’s outlandish! These poor souls just
don’t get it. When it comes to examining the miracles claimed by
other religions, these Christians are tough-minded and scientific and
rightly ignore such claims as ridiculous and impossible. But when it
comes to their own faith, their brains suddenly go out the window…
“I challenge any thinking Christian to come to me try and
defend this irrational and immoral religion.”
Did Jesus really claim to be God? Is there historical evidence
for his resurrection? Did the church tamper with the text to convey
its own agenda? Do the miracle claims discredit the reliability of the
gospels? What is man’s basic problem? Why did Jesus have to die?
Is God harsh for demanding total obedience? How could a loving
God banish someone to an eternity in hell?
In Savior of the World, these questions are debated by radio
host Skip Tecke and a stranger named Paul. Has God provided a
Savior or must we look for another? Listen in and weigh the evidence
for yourself.

Source of Life

By Jesse Jost

Download PDF: Sourceoflife

Word Doc: The Source of Life


“Hi. My name is Skip Tecke. Three years ago I had a conversation
that ruined my life. I was leaving the studio after finishing my once
very popular call-in radio show when I was approached by a small
bald man. Said his name was Paul. We ended up talking for several
hours and my little world got turned upside down.
“Ever since then, the things Paul said have been nagging at me.
But I’ve got some reasons for rejecting his evidence that God exists,
that the Bible is His book, and that Jesus Christ is God.”
Is there a God? Did this complex, ordered, universe randomly
explode from the bowels of nothingness? Are the New Testament
documents reliable? Are they forgeries or corrupted history? Can
we know what Jesus actually said?
These and other critical questions are thoroughly examined in
this companion volume to Savior of The World. Listen in on riveting
conversations between atheist shock-jock Skip Tecke and his
Christian friend, Frank Shaw. After hearing the prosecution and
defense, you can making a ruling about the case. But judge carefully
– your decision will have eternal significance.

Sickness of the Soul

by Jesse Jost

Download PDF: SicknessOfTheSoul

Word Doc:Sickness of the Soul


Imagine that the apostle Paul was transported into
the 21st century. What might he say to a girl that had
been raped, and how would he answer her questions
about the problem of the suffering and evil that is in this

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