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The Easiest Way to Control Your Human

(Private correspondence from demon Dr. Wormwood PhD intercepted by Jesse Jost)

My Most Odious Apollyon Jr.

I want to inform you about the latest research on how to effectively sabotage a human’s life, especially the vermin claiming to be Christians. These Christians pride themselves on having right ideas about God and doctrine, and spend infinite hours arguing and dividing over these ideas.

Their ideas of doctrine and theology are an important battle ground, and I do try to twist them wherever I can. But I have found that as long as their ideas about theology are kept at a rational level of mental assent, and don’t reach the deeper level of their heart, even the most orthodox theology is harmless to our cause.

You see, my fellow destroyer, people have a set of professed beliefs that they think they believe. What they don’t realize is that they also have a deeper set of beliefs brewing in their subconscious, or what Solomon called “the heart.”

The deeper beliefs are what I call impact beliefs because they shape the vermin’s emotions, attitudes, and actions. Impact beliefs are rarely scrutinized, and can be changed without evidence or well-reasoned arguments.

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You FEEL you’re right, but are you? The Liabilities of the Emotional Mind

By Jesse Jost

I’m studying emotional intelligence, and am fascinated by how our rational mind (the frontal lobe) and emotional mind (the amygdala) work.

The data from our senses passes through the emotional part of our brain before it hits the rational part. Consequently, we have feelings about things even before we have thoughts about things.

The lightning-fast emotional response enables us to recognize danger and react by reflex when needed. If you see a rope being thrown at you, the data gathered by your senses will trigger fear because your amygdala senses that the object could be a snake, and will cause you to react by jumping out of the way before you have time to decide if it’s a rope or a snake. The emotional response needs to be fast, because if the object is a snake, time wasted evaluating the object may be fatal.

Our instantaneous emotional response to life can be life-saving; it can also be a liability. The “eyes” of our emotional brain see life in a simplified way, devoid of the complexity and nuance afforded by the more careful deliberation of our rational mind. This simplicity allows the emotional mind to make quick judgments and produce instant emotions.

Emotions are a gift that make the experience of life so rich, as well as a source of wisdom that can help our rational mind make wise decisions informed by empathy and awareness of emotional consequences.

However, the way emotions are formed by snap judgments can make strong emotions a liability if they are not questioned by our rational mind.

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