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Welcome to our website! Here you will find information on our latest writings, travel, and speaking engagements, as well as our latest mental rumblings. We love life and see the stark contrast between the life God offers and the one that Satan will try to sell you. He’s an insidious enemy, constantly beckoning us to try his wares, but what he doesn’t tell us is that wrong choices can have devastating consequences. Few people realize just how important purity is for relationships to be healthy, not only between a man and wife, but with our Creator. Purity is hard to find in our sex-obsessed culture, and with the loss of purity has come a flood of broken relationships and seared consciences that make God seem distant.

We’re eager to share the incredible news that even though we have messed up and traded our purity for cheap counterfeits, Jesus Christ has made a way for us to be clean again. It is possible to start over and experience life and love the way God intended. It is our desire to warn young people about the lies that will sabotage their lives, but also to share the truths that make love and sex the satisfying gifts that God designed them to be. Our Creator has a generous and kind heart and He loves to bless us with good gifts. He longs to see you find fullfillment in a relationship with Him.

Heidi and I want our lives to point you to Him and for our words to be be His signposts that lead your soul Home.