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Wormwood’s 2021 Demon AGM report

(Stealthily obtained by Jesse Jost)

Greetings fellow Demons,

2020 was one of the best years we’ve had in a long time. Our labs worked on a virus that would cause a worldwide pandemic – right in the sweet spot for our purposes.

As you know, our ultimate goal is to divide people and keep them focused on the issues that cause contention rather than focus on what our Enemy wants: love for Him and each other.

To achieve this, a pandemic has to be in just the right range of severity. If a pandemic is too deadly, it can bring out the best in people. They often sacrifice personal freedoms and safety to minister to the grieving and afflicted. When people are surrounded by death, they also become desperate for our Enemy and His horrid gospel.

Death awareness creates dangerous conditions for our cause. In the truly lethal pandemic, we lose way too many souls to the Enemy’s camp. Our demon scientists wanted to make sure it wasn’t too deadly.

At the same time, we needed it to be dangerous and deadly enough to accomplish our purposes. If the virus is too weak, it gets ignored and forgotten. I’m looking at you, “Swine Flu.”

This needed to be a virus that people would notice and become obsessed with. It needed to be bad enough so that even freedom-loving conservative politicians would be pressured into demanding drastic lockdown measures.

 In order to truly divide people, we have to convince them to believe opposing stories – stories with different villains and different threats, slathered with a healthy dose of fear.

When humans face a scary situation but agree on what the real danger is, they rally in grotesque ways and become united in a common cause. This unity builds strong communities and relationships. How we loathe this!

We seek to stir hatred in humans toward those who disagree with them. We effectively create situations where people disagree about what the greatest danger facing them is. When people live in fear of something, they become very threatened by those who who don’t see the same cause of fear. This creates anger and defensiveness. Empathy and a willingness to listen become almost impossible to achieve. This leads to a most delicious state of hatred between groups.

Fear is always essential to our goals of division. This past year, our plan has been implemented so successfully that it’s gone beyond our wildest dreams.

The first goal was to spread fear of death from the pandemic. This part was easy. News that creates fear and a sense of impending doom always sells the best and gets the most attention. We needed a few horror stories of overwhelmed hospitals and stacked body bags. Soon we had the whole globe trembling in fear.

But this became useless to us and even counter-productive, as people banded together and reached out where they could. Remember, a common fear creates unity.

What we really needed was an opposing fear, and a different story. While we hammered one group with reports about bad the virus was, we flooded another group with reports that the virus was no big deal and that the most terrifying threat was loss of freedoms and the introduction of a police state.

I’m giggling as I write this.

We have been developing social media strategies for years and have successfully aimed brilliant propaganda at both sides. We have medical experts, statistics, science, You Tube clips, and memes all powerfully designed to be so convincing to each opposing side that each camp can hardly believe how the other side can be so deceived.

Let me be clear: Both the virus taking off and becoming more deadly, and the loss of freedoms are real possibilities that these vermin face.

But we don’t really want either of these situations to happen. In the past, both have united the church.

People don’t realize that we don’t really want full dictatorships or communism, because the blatant persecution this brings causes the church to mutate into a terrifying force of people crying out to God in prayer, filled with nauseating joy and worship. It turns my stomach.

No, what we want is the church divided by different fears.

Reinforcing both stories and feeding both fears has been easy because there is reality to both views. There have been overwhelmed hospitals and delicious numbers of people gasping their way to tormenting deaths. Focusing on these facts makes the humans believe that the most loving thing to do is cut off all human contact and increase the lock downs.

On the other hand, the results from the lock downs and health restrictions have been even more exhilarating. We’ve seen lonely humans become more enslaved to addictions, more depressed, creating more cases of abuse and suicide. Job loss has led to agony and frustration. When people look only at these facts, they think that removing all restrictions and opening up is the most loving thing to do.

This means that both sides get to accuse the other side of being unloving, thus adding to the hurt and alienation.  So much fun!

The results this year have been so fabulous! But we need to keep stirring up their fears and tormenting their imaginations about how terrible things will be if the other side wins.

I have never been more optimistic about our chances in defeating the church. Of course, we face a frightening possibility: If either side starts to take their eyes off the fear of either sickness or totalitarianism, and instead looks at the Son of God, they run the risk of being overwhelmed by His so-called love.

I have seen it happen way too often. That horrid love washes away their fears and they become filled with peace and gratitude. Their minds become filled again with what Jesus has done for them and begin to believe that He has power over sickness, governments, and even our hordes of demons.

They embrace each other and sing shrill songs of worship that singe our ears. These songs of hope have a way of reaching into the dark and tormented homes of abuse and addiction and cause people to escape from our tormenting clutches.

We cannot let that happen!

Keep convincing them that the most important thing is to keep fighting for their story and against their chosen villain.

They must feel like fighting for their story is the most righteous thing they can do. Their chosen fear must keep them agitated and passionate.  

When they talk to other believers, keep them talking about their story and how vital it is to conquer their assigned threat – be it the virus or loss of liberty.

If they take their eyes off either fear and instead focus on our Enemy’s power, we are in trouble.

They are gullible fools if they think that either sickness or police state can stop His tremendous plans and purposes. But as long as they do think this, they will bicker and fight and criticize each other. They will divide and despise each other. This will bring more pain and anguish to our Enemy than anything else we can ever do.

As long as they are divided and focused on their disagreements with others, all those miserable souls they talk about, those on ventilators and depressed and addicted, get neglected. But if they set aside their fears and listen to each other’s stories, they could unite and come up with creative solutions that defeat both threats. I shudder to think…

We must stay the course, because while things look bright for us now, I have seen beautiful scenes like this unravel for us all too quickly. We must stay diligent.

Proudly submitted by

Wormwood, ESQ.

  • Rachel Jamieson

    Things are happening in the US that are concerning. The equality act going through Congress for example with no religious exemptions may force us to go against nst Scripture. Sinful agendas are in full steam ahead. This will affect us sooner or later.
    I agree love is to predominate as we stand on the Bible.

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